Dirk Strangely is an internationally well known American Multimedia artist that specializes in capturing the essence of a subject through his mesmerizing compositions. His paintings have a hypnotic-like ability to connect with the collective world through his impeccable strategic  juxtapositions and use of power colors that warmly and compellingly invite the message of the painting straight into the hearts and minds of his audience.

Dirk Strangely has a unique style and technique that has garnered the attention of art collectors all over the world from Celebrities, Private Collectors to popular well Branded Corporations who want a powerful image to represent their Brand through Strangely's creative eye.

Strangely's consistent quality in every painting is "power." Each painting is strategically well thought out, and every color, tone, and brushstroke is intentional with a unique and purposeful yet undeniable influence on the viewer. His paintings make you "feel something," and titillates the viewers mind in a very intentional clever way.


Like many of the eccentric master artists through out history, Strangely too has a whimsical and intellectual personality that magnetizes the world around him. Strangely has been branded in several publications as a "living underground artist icon and renaissance man."  He has also been referred to as eccentric but loving. His fans all over the world describe him as generous, thoughtful, quirky, intelligent, loyal, strange, thought provoking, funny, inspirational, eccentric, loving, creative and kind.

Strangely loves first and foremost his family and friends, but also, Fine Art, Painting, creating New Ideas, Pop Culture, Cats, Gorillas, Tom Waits, Vintage Clothes, Travelling, Fine Dining, Root Beer, Surfing, Swing Dancing, Little People, Broken Clocks, Chess, Intellectual Conversation, Wine Tasting, Networking and Talking Business.


Tokyopop, Disney, Marvel, STG, UFC,

Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson,

and more!


Founder/CEO of ArtFarm.TV

Founder/CEO of Strangely Studios