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Blue Valentine


Size: 8” x 10” (27.94 x 35.56cm)

Medium: Winsor & Newton Artisan Quality Oil Paints

Canvas: Museum Grade Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Frame: Custom Wood Frame

Price: $3,000


Sizes: 8"x10", 11" x 17. 16x20",, 20x30", 

Medium: Giclee    

Paper: Heavy Archival Prints Through 

Details: (limited edition)

Quantity: 25

“Blue Valentine”


Dollface isn’t crying because she is just sad. She is crying because she feels overwhelmed. She has love and kindness inside her but so far in this part of her story, she has been treated quite badly by a few characters and it has confused her lack of experience-based perception. There are kind loving people in her life but she must first accept the world isn’t fair and the only beauty in it is the beauty that we put out and surround ourselves with. She is about to become aware  that her environment can dictate her mental health and happiness.

I named this piece “Blue Valentine” because her emotions are currently blue but she has love in her heart. I used a heavy blue palette to set the scene with luminescent lighting from the moon.

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