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Dollmaker's Affirmation

“Dollmaker's Affirmation"

In the story of Dollface, her maker is a famous doll maker named, Bambola. This painting shows a beautiful moment every creator whether artist or innovator feels when completing a project they are very proud of. It a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Here Bambola is admiring his latest masterpiece, Dollface.

This is the first & ONLY  self portrait I have ever created. I aged myself about a decade or 2 in in this depiction and I painted it in the style of the master artist Rembrandt with luminescent lighting.


Size: 15” x 20” (38.1 x50.8cm)

Medium: Winsor & Newton Artisan Quality Acrylic Paints

Board: Archival Strathmore 500 Series Board

Frame: Custom Matted and Framed

Price: $7,450



Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Giclee with hand painted oil embellishments   

Canvas: Stretched canvas mounted & ready to hang 

Details: Numbered & signed (limited edition)

Quantity: 3 (Numbered by order)

Price: $500

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