The Dollmaker's Cottage is my largest and greatest masterpiece to date. Heavily influenced by Thomas Kinkade I spent Months on this piece making sure every detail was perfect. The lighting, composition, tones and contrast is all strategically laid out to draw us in and make us feel, hear, smell, and experience this fantasy environment. I painted this 4 foot by 5 foot masterpiece on gallery wrapped canvas and it was professionaly framed in a high quality carved solid wood frame. As of right now this piece hangs on the wall in my room and it takes up the whole wall. The Dollmaker's Cottage would be perfect for any large wall to set the mood and have a unique beautiful piece of art in your home. 


Content and Subject - In the foreground we see The Rootles playing music together and enjoying the weather and sounds of the forest. You can almost hear the rush of the river streaming through this fantasy land.


Trivia: I hid all of my most famous characters that I have created over the years in this painting. The Water fountain is "Stormy Weather" the path in the distance shows "The Gardener" and in the tree you can see an owl enjoying the music played from the Rootles.


Whoever ends up owning this piece will be in possession of my most cherished artistic creation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask


The Dollmaker's Cottage was originally appraised at $20,000 and I have priced it at a discounted rate. YOu have to see this piece in person to really have your breath taken away. 

The Dollmaker's Cottage