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Taking The Tortoibus To Town

“Taking the Tortoibus to Town”

Dollface catches a ride on the Rootle's favorite means of transportation, "The Tortoibus." He is happy to carry dollface to “The Village of Recovered Dreams.” At tortoise-like speed, He carries her through Strangeland's many beautiful landscapes in a world with no concept of time but only a collection of experiences that mature into memories. The Tortoibus is a main staple in this Strangeland.

This is my personal favorite out of the entire series. The Tortoibus cracks me up. You will get to understand this comedic character when you read the story. One of my favorite parts about this painting is the windows in the shell illuminate and look cozy and mysterious. You know the Rootles are having a good time in there. Another favorite part is that I used a cool blue and green palette throughout the entire painting, but then the gray colored Dollface sits on this giant vibrant red velvet chair screaming attention in the center of the painting. Despite all of the interesting aspects of this piece, the red chair intentionally pulls our attention to our girl, Dollface. Can you tell it’s my favorite yet?


Size: 36” x 48” (91.44 x 121.92cm)

Medium: Winsor & Newton Artisan Quality Oil Paints

Canvas: Museum Grade Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Framed: Custom Museum grade High Quality custom wood frame by “Picture Worth Custom Framing, Spring, TX”

Price: $18,550


Size: 8x10, 11x17, 16x20, 20x30

Medium: Giclee 

Paper: Heavy acid free stock & archival inks 

Details: Numbered & signed (limited edition)

Quantity: 28

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