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The Moment Dollface Became Aware

"The Moment Dollface Became Aware"


Dollface sits there lifeless. Just a collection of fabric, yarn, and button eyes.

Nothing more...then the clouds part, the moon shines on Dollface's Button Eyes, and as if the moon beam breathes life into her, she becomes aware and alive with feelings, emotions, and intelligent thought and wonder. This beautiful Moon Beam lit moment is the birth of Dollface.


There was a time I feel like I became aware. It was in my early 30’s. The moment I became aware of the way our environment affects us I quickly made adjustments in my life to suite a more desirable life for myself and my family. This piece depicts an important moment for Dollface, but it also represents an important moment for myself & I’m sure all of us at some point in our lives.



Size: 30” x 40” (76.2 x 101.6cm)

Medium: Winsor & Newton Artisan Quality Oil Paints

Canvas: Museum Grade Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Price: $12,250


Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Giclee with hand painted oil embellishments   

Canvas: Stretched canvas mounted & ready to hang 

Details: Numbered & signed (limited edition)

Quantity: 3 (Numbered by order)

Price: $500

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